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Nov 16th, 2021

How to host a fabulous dinner party in an apartment


The time has come to safely gather together again. To sit and break bread, to share stories, to share our lives. If you’re entertaining the idea of entertaining, here is how to host a fabulous dinner party in your apartment.

Play the numbers

The right number of guests is crucial to hosting a fabulous dinner party in your apartment. You’ll want to take a good look at the space you have available and decide how many people can comfortably sit and share a meal in your space. You don’t want guests feeling crowded, especially when people are used to a certain amount of socially distant spacing. Be sure to eliminate any unnecessary clutter during your pre-party clean up, to help make your living space feel larger.

Take advantage of surface area

It’s not just about the number of guests in the space, it’s about how well you use the space you have. You most likely don’t have a grand dining table that seats a dozen people. Take advantage of other surfaces and get creative. Clear some of the clutter off of a desk or dresser, drape it under an elegant white tablecloth and you’ve created some additional dining space. Keep the traffic and the conversions flowing by serving drinks from a portable bar cart.

There’s an app for that

A fabulous dinner party is about more than the main course – you want to serve the best appetizers and desserts as well. Luckily there are endless resources available online and in print for dinner party ideas. When it comes to grazable party food, try to serve some easy appetizers to your guests before dinner. This will keep them content while you work on the entree. Be sure to take your guests’ dietary preferences into consideration and serve some vegan appetizers and gluten-free appetizers as options just to be safe. No one wants to go hungry at a dinner party.

The main course

Being a good host means being able to spend time with your guests. You’ll want to plan a menu that allows you to mingle. Choose simple dishes that can be largely prepared ahead of time. A fabulous dinner party isn’t about being fancy – it’s about friendship.

Think sustainably

Why not throw a sustainable party? It’s easier than you think to keep sustainability in mind when planning your fabulous dinner party. Choose plant-based and organic options whenever possible. Send guests home with leftovers (in reusable containers) to avoid wasting food. If fish is on the menu, look for sustainable species and producers. When cleaning up, remember to properly sort and recycle any waste and dispose of it properly.

We hope these tips help you host a fabulous dinner party in your apartment.

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