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May 28th, 2021

Resident Blog: Wellness in Waterloo


As I pen down my thoughts sitting in a cozy corner of my balcony at Hazelview Properties in Waterloo, experiencing cool breeze on my face and rain drizzling on trees in the spring season; it reminds me of positivity all around me and things I should be grateful for.

Bustling Community  

You become who you spend time with and where you spend your precious time. My day starts with the chirping of birds that bring a beautiful smile in the wee hours of the morning. I get to see and meet people of all age groups with diverse backgrounds and cultures as I reach mesmerizing Waterloo park for my morning walk. I am greeted by Llamas, peacocks and ever charming squirrels as I start my brisk walk to maintain good health.

Engaging Outdoors

Canadian Clay and Glass Gallery exhibits contemporary works of emerging and established artists. The award-winning architectural design of the Gallery is something that cannot be missed while you go for a bike ride or a run. You can easily explore your passion in the Public Library on the way if you are an avid reader. Free library programs and virtual events are available for people from all walks of life to build a strong community network. Famous University of Waterloo and Laurier University weaves around my building (Hazelview Properties) like beads on each side.

Vitamin “N’’ature

This city is carpeted with natural and scenic beauty. You just cannot escape a natural dose of positivity when you are staying at Hazelview in Waterloo. You see an ornamental pear tree, blooming flowers and shining sun-kissed grass as you open your window or step outside. Your day brightens as you visit aesthetically appealing Waterloo Town Square in ‘Uptown’ where you can see kids playing, adults skating and retired folks socializing with each other. This is exactly where I grab a Mexican meal for lunch from my favourite eatery Z teca and a long queue can be seen in front of Starbucks with coffee lovers visiting all day long.

Inclusive Indoors and Kempt Environment

Nature is capable of healing us beautifully. If you think your schedule doesn’t allow you to venture out, just enjoy the beauty around you by looking at grass, trees, letting birds befriend you and feel the shift in your energy. You can see them all at our Hazelview Properties building. Green fills your heart with joy and connects you to mother earth. Did you notice Heart and Earth have the same letters? I like to invest a couple of minutes to meditate to be more present, to feel calmer and creative ideas flow like a stream to me during this time. It brings one to the state of mindfulness. That’s how I turned to blog-writing.


Transform your mental and physical health by diving into the natural perquisites that the city of Waterloo offers. If you are just walking, you would soon start jogging before you realize it. That’s the charm and motivation this city carries. Keep yourself hydrated with H2O, that’s the key to glowing skin. Forget all about your worries, tensions, anxiety, and sip a cup of Chamomile tea to calm your nerves while you take a quick 2-minute break from your work. (I usually buy my chamomile tea bags from the nearby Farm Boy grocery store; their collection is really good) I have it at home during the evening while writing. Relish the fragrance of air in your environment blended with tea while it brews. That’s the effect it had on me since the time I moved here where I feel even leaves and branches are communicating with me. Soon, you will experience squirrels coming towards you and smiling more often. These simple tips take us far in life when it comes to staying well and fit.

Every place mentioned in this article/blog is at walking distance from Hazelview property (137 University Avenue) with the market complex being across the road. I am blessed to be residing here, trying to be a better version of myself each day and soaking in my dose of Vitamin N.

Follow her blog for more articles. She recently started her youtube channel "Filling the world with positivity" to make the best utilization of current times to spread awareness about Virtual Reiki. 

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