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May 21st, 2021

The best plants for your balcony


Your apartment balcony is your own perfect little piece of outdoor space. If you want to add some life to your balcony, there's no better way than with the right plants. It's time to create your very own apartment balcony garden! Whether you want to grow some fresh edible herbs to make your summer salads sing, or you want to attract pollinators like butterflies, bees and maybe even a hummingbird or two, here are the best plants for your balcony.

Proper plant planning

Proper planning is important for a successful balcony garden. You'll want to choose plants that appeal to your preferred colour palette or flavour palette – and choose plants that thrive in the light conditions your balcony offers. Plants that require full sun need at least at least 6 hours of direct sunlight every day. If you have an east or north-facing balcony, or a large overhang that shades your space, you'll want to choose plants that do well in the shade.

When it comes to streamlining your balcony garden ideas, determining what you'll plant in is a good first step. Planting in pots, planters and flower boxes keeps things easy and organized, and you can adjust the location of each plant to suit it's preferences and yours. Be aware that what your container is made of makes a difference as well. Terra cotta pots and coco fiber planters are porous and therefore dry out faster. Plastic and metal pots dry out more slowly. Your pots and planters should have proper drainage. Look for pots with a hole in the bottom that can be placed in drainage trays.

Good day, sunshine

If your balcony gets full sun, you can opt for bright and beautiful flowers like marigolds, dahlias, and lavender. Lavender is perfect for sunny balconies. These pretty, purple perennials (come back every year) are durable, low maintenance and love the heat. The aroma of fresh lavender as you step out onto your balcony will transport you to the Mediterranean in your mind. It's also a bee-friendly plant! Our pollinator friends need all the support they can get, so planting plants like lavender is a great way to do your part to save the bees! Succulents and cacti thrive in the heat of full sun as well.

Chillin' in the shade

If you've got a shady balcony, it's perfect not only for keeping yourself cool, but for a variety of beautiful plants and herbs. A great option for shady spaces is Fuchsia. This beautiful annual comes in shades of pink, purple and red and requires full shade. This plant attracts pollinators like butterflies and hummingbirds!

Planting for pollinators

Attracting pollinators is not only a lovely sight for your balcony garden, it's also great for healthy ecosystems and biodiversity. Pollinators will be particularly attracted to lower-level balconies.

Edible options

You may not be able to become a self-sufficient homesteader with your balcony garden, but you can certainly grow some fresh herbs or even a few strawberries or cherry tomatoes. Choose herbs that do well in the shade and/or herbs that do well in the sun like parsley, basil, mint and lemongrass depending on your balcony's light conditions. Woody herbs like thyme, oregano and rosemary are bee-friendly options that are delicious too.

We hope these balcony plant ideas bring some life and beauty to your piece of the great outdoors.

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