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19 Juin 2023

Summer decor trends that won't break the bank


Summer is here! Can you feel the warmth? After a long winter and spring, it's time to sizzle under the sun and soak up every drop of this short-lived and beloved season. The fact that it's summer is obvious outside, but is it noticeable inside your apartment? If not, it's time to add a touch of summer to your space with these 2023 summer decor trends that won't break the bank.

Bring the outside in

A big trend for summer 2023 is adding more natural elements to your interior spaces like plants and art inspired by nature. If you decide to add plants, look for vibrant green plants that give off tropical and warm climate vibes like Monstera, cacti, and snake plants. You can find great houseplants at your local plant shop or nursery -- even at big stores like Walmart and Canadian Tire. When it comes to wall art, look for nature-inspired prints, paintings and illustrations of plants, flowers and animals. You can find a wide variety of fabulous wall art pieces on Etsy.

Add bright colour

Summer prompts the return of vibrant and bright colours in nature, so mirror that transformation in your apartment decor. It's a great time to add pops of colour around your space -- like brightly coloured throw pillows and blankets, vibrant wall art, and colourful flatware and glassware. Little colourful accent pieces can go a long way to transforming the look and feel of your space on a budget. Find these pieces new at department stores like Ikea, Winners and The Bay, or shop online on online marketplaces like Amazon.

Add natural materials

Another major 2023 summer decor trend is to incorporate natural materials like wood, cotton and linen. These materials evoke a summery feeling and will convey that feeling in your space. Real wood furniture pieces can be surprisingly expensive, so look for them used on second hand platforms like Facebook marketplace and MaxSold. You'll be amazed by what you can find within your budget! To add breezy but pricey fabrics like cotton and linen to your space, try incorporating them through little touches like linen napkins, tablecloths, pillow shams and cotton sheets.

Revamp your balcony

Curated outdoor space is a big 2023 summer decor trend. You want your apartment patio space to be an inviting place to relax and unwind with family and friends. If you're working with a small patio space, something as simple as a budget-friendly bistro chair and table set can transform your balcony into a great place to unwind with a glass of wine or meal on the weekend. Fill your patio area with lush plants and flowers and you've got yourself a private oasis in the sky. If you don't like the idea of dining outside, opt for a comfortable conversation set suited to your small patio.

We hope these tips help you keep your space on trend this summer!

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