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Jan 7th, 2022

5 sustainability goals for a greener new year


We can all do more to protect the planet. Here are 5 attainable sustainability goals for a greener new year. Give them a try to reduce our environmental impact on this beautiful Earth we call home.

Reduce waste

Waste is an enormous environmental issue that we all need to come together to resolve. We cannot continue to consume and discard what we buy so readily. Reducing your personal waste is an attainable goal for the new year and a great way to go green. All it takes is to think more strategically about what you buy and consume.

A great way to reduce waste is to buy fewer single use items like plastic water bottles, plastic wrap and plastic straws. There are many eco-friendly ways to replace these items in your life such as reusable water bottles that you fill and clean yourself, reusable beeswax food wrap, reusable metal or glass straws etc. If you have a coffee shop habit, consider buying a reusable tumbler and asking your barista to fill it up for you the next time you buy a brew. Another habit you can modify is how you eat takeout meals. Takeout packaging is often harmful for the environment, so if you can bring your own reusable containers and ask the server to fill those up that will make a difference! You could also curb your takeout habits altogether by meal prepping your food for greater convenience -- you’ll save a ton of money, too!

Green your transportation

You don’t always have the opportunity to change how you commute (depending on where you’re going), but if you do, consider greening your methods of transportation. Driving creates a lot of pollution, so if you don’t have to, try not to. The cleanest and greenest transportation methods are on foot and by bike. They’re also great for your health! If these options don’t make sense for your lifestyle, you could switch to public transportation (bus, streetcar, subway etc.).

Green up your plate

What you eat matters. Every food item you buy is a vote with your dollars. You can use this opportunity to support environmentally sustainable food options, or more environmentally destructive ones. We recommend consuming more sustainable food options like plant-based foods, , sustainable seafood and locally grown produce. If you’re not sure where to find items like this, ask the staff at your local grocery store or health food store what they’d recommend.

Shop consciously

One of the bigger issues we all need to address is shopping frivolously, as it creates unnecessary waste and pollution. This can start with becoming aware of your purchasing habits, and introducing behavioural changes into your life The next time you shop, think to yourself “Do you really need those mass produced trendy new clothes? Do you really need all those snacks you might not finish?” Think about what you buy normally and assess if things are regularly going to waste. If they are, rethink those purchases.

Conserve water

Overconsumption of water resources is a lesser-known environmental problem all around the world. Do what you can to reduce your water use with simple everyday changes. For example: while brushing your teeth, turn off the tap; take quicker showers; do laundry only on a full load, etc.

Small changes done by many can make a large impact. We can all do our part to protect the planet. We hope these 5 attainable sustainability goals for a greener new year have inspired you!

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