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Mar 22nd, 2022

How to celebrate Earth Hour every day


In honour of Earth Hour 2022 on March 26th, let’s all do what we can to be kinder to the planet. Small daily tweaks can make a big impact. It’s not about perfection, it’s about progress and finding what works for your lifestyle.

What is Earth Hour?

Before we dive into little ways you can celebrate Earth Hour every single day, it’s important to understand what this special event is all about as well as why and how we celebrate it every year. Earth Hour is more than an event – it’s a movement to improve our collective future. It takes place annually from 8:30 pm to 9:30 pm on the last Saturday of March. Millions of people across the world simultaneously turn their lights off for the full hour to show their support for our planet and raise awareness about nature loss and climate change.

How to honour Earth Hour every day:

Try switching off your lights

There’s no need to illuminate your empty home or room – and doing so can be a huge waste of energy and resources. If you’re heading out, try to switch off all the lights before you leave. If you’re spending time at home, you don’t need to have all the lights on. A great habit to form is switching off the lights every time you leave an empty room. If you want to make turning off the lights a little more fun, carve out time to enjoy candlelit meals with friends, loved ones and family members. This can be especially fun and romantic on date night!

Other ways to conserve energy:

Reducing personal energy consumption is a great goal and one of the ways that individuals can do their part to fight climate change and ease the growing burden on the Earth’s natural resources. You can do more than just turn off the lights to achieve it. To conserve energy at home, try to:

Turn the heat down

Heating is the largest drain on energy in most homes. Turning down the heat in your space periodically can be a great energy-saving habit. Your thermostat is not always in your control in a rental, but if it is, try to keep the temperature to around 21 degrees celsius when you’re awake and at home, and to lower it to about 16 degrees celsius when you’re asleep or on your way out.

Unplug your devices

Electronic devices that aren’t being used but are plugged in can draw a lot of phantom power in your home. In fact, phantom power can account for roughly 10% of your home’s total energy consumption. A great energy-saving habit to form is to unplug any idle devices to conserve energy.

Try smart power bars and strips

If you don’t want to, or have the capacity to, keep track of all your unused but plugged in electronics, you can try using smart power bars or strips. These intelligent devices are designed to conserve energy by detecting when plugged-in devices are in standby mode and cutting the power to them. You can also use power bars that have timers to power devices you use at particular times of day. 

Switch to LEDs

Your light fixtures can drain a lot of power. A simple energy saving swap is to switch to LED light bulbs which require less energy to power and have a longer lifespan than conventional (incandescent) bulbs.

Live in a green community

At Hazelview Properties we are committed to sustainable future. Our vision for sustainability is to foster happy, healthy, thriving communities where we operate.  We aim for continuous improvement by constantly innovating within our dynamic portfolio, acting ethically and transparently, and effecting positive environmental and social change where we operate.  In doing this, we add value for our residents, tenants, team members, communities, and investors. We are committed to continuing to learn, shape, and evaluate our sustainability practices. Read more about our Sustainability Policy here

We hope these ideas inspire you to celebrate Earth Hour every day! Together we can make a big impact by making little changes to our daily lives.

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