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Nov 8th, 2021

Fun ways to spend a rainy day in your apartment


When the weather outside is dreary, it’s the perfect time to spend a fun day in your apartment. Here are some of our favourite rainy day activities to enjoy on a rainy day at home.

Camp out indoors

If you have kids, being stuck inside all day can be challenging. Keep them focused and having fun with indoor camping! A pop up tent is the perfect shelter for apartment camping and serves double duty as a great thing to own for beach days. It stows away flat and compact so it’s not a hassle to lug around. It’s. Be sure to whip up some camping-inspired snacks like s’mores and oven-roasted hotdogs, grab plenty of books to read and maybe some paper and markers to draw with. Failing that, put on a movie and cuddle in the tent together!

Pamper yourself

Your original plans may have been washed away, but a rainy day is a perfect opportunity to sit back, relax and really pamper yourself. Why not store some at-home spa items in your bathroom for days like this. Think face masks, foot creams etc. If you’re feeling crafty, you can even make your own DIY spa treatments - you can make these in just 10 minutes!

Whip up something fabulous

When we’re busy we often don’t take the time to enjoy the little things like cooking. We rush, we cut corners, we skimp on ingredients. A rainy day is your opportunity to take your time and really get into cooking and baking. It’s a great opportunity to try that ambitious cake recipe, or make a pot roast! After all, time is not your enemy today!

Play some games

Board games are way more fun than you remember -- we promise! A rainy day is the perfect day to bust out Monopoly or Jenga and play with your family or roommates. If kids are in the picture, you can never go wrong with a good game of Twister and it’ll get them up and moving too! Why not stock up on games to have around for days like this? Check out this list of the best board games of all time.

We hope you give these things to do on a rainy day a try the next time it’s dreary outside! These fun indoor activities are sure to keep you entertained.

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