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May 8th, 2023

Hazelview and Enactus: The Hazelview Sustainable Cities Project Accelerator


At Hazelview, we want to empower young people to build a better future. That’s why we strategically invest in corporate social responsibility programs that make real impact. One of these investments is the Hazelview Sustainable Cities Project Accelerator which is delivered through our partnership with Enactus.

What is Enactus?

Enactus is a network of leaders committed to using business as a catalyst for positive social and environmental impact. They educate, inspire, and support young people who use innovation and entrepreneurship to solve the world’s biggest problems. Its 37,470 students are entrepreneurial, values-driven social innovators from 2,064 campuses in 33 countries. Together they positively impact the lives of 11.6 million people each year.

Guided by educators and supported by business leaders, teams of students conduct needs assessments in their community, identify potential solutions to complex issues, and implement community impact projects. Their communities benefit from collaboration and innovation, plus the students gain valuable experience that they can use to advance their personal and professional lives.

Hazelview x Enactus

We partnered with Enactus to create the Hazelview Sustainable Cities Project Accelerator. It is designed to empower Enactus teams with the resources they need to identify, create, and deliver projects that make urban multi-residential buildings more socially and/or environmentally sustainable. We use the accelerator to generate ideas that will make our own buildings more sustainable. As a result, we look for projects where Hazelview Properties operates, and projects that could be implemented within Hazelview Properties’ portfolio of buildings. These projects can include technological innovations such as green roofs, eco-friendly building materials, energy/heat savings technologies, and waste management technologies or social projects such as educational programming or programming that provides social support for residents and tenants. Up to six Enactus teams are selected to each receive a project grant of $2,500 to advance their proposed project and work with an Enactus Team Advisor from Hazelview. After evaluation, three Enactus teams are selected to receive awards and prize money to help accelerate their projects (Best Project $4,000, Runner-Up $3,000, Second Runner-Up $2,000).

The five chosen projects

The following five projects were selected in 2023 and were competing to win the top prizes. A big congratulations to the Kuponya Innovations, team based out of Wilfrid Laurier University who was awarded the 2023 Hazelview Sustainable Cities Project Accelerator Best Project title at this year’s Enactus Canada National Exposition Opening Ceremony, held in Montreal, Quebec.

Kuponya Innovations

Climate change causes severe weather events that disrupt housing. In Canada, the impact disproportionately affects Indigenous communities in the north. In the Northwest Territories alone, 42.7% of households do not meet at least one of the nationally accepted housing standards for affordability, adequacy, and suitability. Kuponya Innovations works closely with Indigenous communities in the NWT to co-create a housing plan tailored to their unique cultural and environmental

conditions. They build sustainable tiny homes that can be affordably transported to remote communities. They’ve focused on tiny homes as they have a smaller footprint. The homes are energy efficient and produced using new technologies to reduce reliance on fossil fuels. They use things like structural insulated panels (SIPs) that create an airtight building envelope with no thermal bridging and have a foam core of insulation made from upcycled plastic bottles. The homes also use renewable energy such as solar. The team is investigating how they can transition the communities to biofuel and training residents to get involved in the building and maintenance of the homes. They work with local organizations to build small businesses that support the communities' housing needs which will fuel the local economy.


Bio6 fosters environmental sustainability in urban areas by reducing plastic waste. They repurpose spent grain to create eco-friendly alternatives to single-use plastic plates and coasters. They target breweries, restaurants, and consumers, aiming to lower their carbon footprint and raise awareness about sustainable practices. Their products are biodegradable and divert grain waste from entering landfills. Bio6 has partnered with multiple breweries who provide spent grain to them.


Enviroot repurposes orange peel waste into soft boards and dart boards. By using a material that would otherwise go to waste, Enviroot reduces landfill waste and supports the circular economy. The soft board they produce resembles cork board -- a commonly used material in building insulation and wall panels. The new soft board material could potentially be used as a sustainable and eco-friendly alternative in building construction, particularly by Hazelview Properties in our efforts to make our buildings more sustainable. Enviroot also educates the community and local businesses about the importance of reducing waste and the need for environmental sustainability.


Polystyrene (also known as plastic number 6) is not included in Quebec’s recycling program. As a result, over 92,000 tonnes of polystyrene are landfilled each year. This increases greenhouse gas emissions such as methane and carbon dioxide (CO2) and encourages the expansion of landfill sites that require deforestation. The underlying goal of the P6 Project is to reduce GHG emissions through waste diversion, specifically by diverting polystyrene from landfills and giving it a second life by turning it into a filling material for bean bags. The project involves drop-off points for polystyrene collection for Quebec residents. It also involves a homemade machine that shreds the plastic which is then used as stuffing material for bean bags that are sold to responsible and environmentally conscious consumers.


Patch is a student-run social enterprise in its third year of operation. Its main objective is to upcycle second-hand clothing into usable items for university students. They host clothing drives and create upcycled tote bags from unwanted clothing. They source material through close partnerships and repurpose unwanted clothes from their

community. Patch encourages students to embrace conscious fashion through social media campaigns and educational events. They also educate students on the impact of the fast fashion industry and how to make sustainable buying decisions.

At Hazelview, we are committed to a sustainable future. We are committed to continuing to learn, shape, and evaluate our sustainability practices. Learn more about our vision and commitment to sustainability. 

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