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Sep 14th, 2022

How to personalize your apartment


Let's be real, apartments don't always reflect your unique taste, style and personality. When you move in, they tend to be a blank slate of empty rooms and bare white walls. But there's a lot you can do to change that! Here's how to personalize your apartment.

Add art you love

Love art? Add prints, sculptures and paintings around your apartment. You can find great one-of-a-kind pieces on Etsy and at local art markets and fairs like the One of a Kind Show. When you see your favourite pieces on display, you'll feel more at home and the space will feel more like yours.

If you like to create your own art, displaying it will feel even more like home. New to making art? This video will help you create an abstract painting.

Be particular about furniture

Your furniture choices can go a long way towards making your apartment feel like your home. It's important to choose pieces wisely and ensure they're not too generic. Before you head to IKEA for affordable furniture pieces (that everyone has), visit local antique shops and malls, second hand furniture stores like ReStore, and check out MaxSold auctions to see if you can find more unique pieces that you love for potentially fabulous prices. Buying this way can be better for your budget and better for the environment as no new resources will be used to produce the pieces. You don’t need a lot of furniture, just invest in key pieces like a couch, cozy chair, kitchen table, desk and a coffee table.

Incorporate colours you love

Surrounding yourself with your favourite colours can make your apartment feel more like you. You don't need to paint, you can tie them in through furniture and accessories.

Look for statement furniture pieces in your favourite colours or pick up colourful throw blankets, rugs and pillow shams from shops like Winners and HomeSense.

Customize your welcome mat

A welcome mat is the first thing that you see when you come home, so make it your own with a customized one! It's relatively affordable and easy to do thanks to creative sellers on sites like Etsy.

We hope you use these tips to make your apartment feel more like your home. To find your home with Hazelview Properties, please visit our Home Finder.

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