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Mar 17th, 2023

#HazelviewCares Inspiring students in the spotlight: Orlando Scarlett


In November 2022, Orlando Scarlett, an HBA/Economics 2023 candidate at Ivey Business School, received Hazelview's new HBA Award -- an exciting new scholarship for undergraduate students pursuing sustainability in their respective field of study.

About the award

The newly established HBA Scholarship in Sustainability is awarded to a full-time HBA student enrolled in the HBA Sustainability Certificate program at Ivey Business School. $8,000 is given to the student in recognition of their academic achievement.

Get to know Orlando Scarlett

Orlando is an outstanding student that was awarded the HBA scholarship thanks to his impressive long-term commitment to, and keen interest in, sustainability. His interest was piqued when environmental systems were covered in his high school biology class, prompting him to reach out to his teachers to discuss how businesses could potentially minimize climate change. They recommended he read the book Doughnut Economics, by Kate Raworth. Inspired, Orlando set his sights on an economics degree from Western University, but ultimately transferred to Ivey Business School to pursue a different program that focused more on sustainability.

At Ivey, Orlando enrolled in the Sustainability Certificate where he has taken inspiring courses and tackled rigorous internships at BlackRock and RBC in order to learn more about sustainable finance and work with teams involved in sustainable investments.

Orlando has been under a lot of pressure, juggling a dual-degree program while writing his undergraduate thesis. He's focusing on the impacts of a company being certified as a B Corp. After receiving the award, he felt reinvigorated. “It has given me the motivation to continue on the path I am on and to continue to make more of a difference in the future.”

Orlando knows that climate change is a present and growing threat for his and future generations -- and not just in places like his home, Jamaica, which has already faced major consequences. He hopes more students will act and apply for similar scholarships and pursue the path of fostering much-needed resolutions to this widespread issue.

“If you do need additional help, definitely apply for scholarships and put yourself out there rather than accepting your current situation,” he said. “With everything going on in the world (wars, pandemics, climate change), it can make the weight this generation bears very daunting and difficult to handle, but we also need to acknowledge the progress young people have made and the great work this generation is doing.”

At Hazelview, we are deeply committed to sustainability and the environment. We created the HBA Award to support and inspire students like Orlando Scarlett as they lead the way to a more sustainable and prosperous world.

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