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Aug 3rd, 2021

Top 5 interior design trends this summer!


Summer is a great time to change the look and feel of your home with an apartment makeover. If you want your space to reflect what's hot in home decor right now, here are the top five interior design trends to pay attention to in summer 2021, plus our tips and tricks to apply these summer 2021 design trends to your home.

Reach for natural wood

Natural wood is one of the hottest 2021 interior design trends. Add a bohemian and summery feel to your space with a touch of natural wood like rattan, cane or wicker. You can incorporate this summer interior design trend into your home on any budget by adding a piece of furniture. Ikea has some stylish, low-cost rattan and wicker furniture options to explore.

Go green

Plants are big when it comes to home decor trends this year, and they're perfect for summer in your home. Think statement house plants like snake plants, monstera or large aloe vera. You can incorporate another trend here by planting it in a woven plant basket. If you don't have the space or the green thumb to keep a big plant happy, consider adding a glass terrarium full of low-maintenance air plants to your desk or mount one to your wall for a green look and feel without the hassle.

Stay earthy and neutral

There's a big trend to fill your space with earthy and neutral tones this summer. Before you run out and buy a beige sofa, there are other ways to get the look without breaking the bank. Consider a well crafted neutral-toned comforter, throw blanket or rug from a retailer like West Elm that nails neutrals. If you'd prefer a smaller, less expensive change, perhaps decorative yet neutral-toned pillowcases for your couch or bed. If you plan to do some entertaining as restrictions ease, consider tableware in neutral tones, natural fabrics like linen and materials like stone.

Get curvy

Curved shapes are big this year and hard edges are out. If you want a big change, a curved sofa could be a great addition to your space. If you'd prefer subtle hints, you can bring this interior design trend into your home with round placemats, round accent pillows, curved footstools, accent pieces like vases, round carpets and more.

Go for less is more

Minimalism is a long standing design trend that's back in a big way this summer. It's all about less is more. To achieve this aesthetic, you might need to cull what you currently have. That means it's time to declutter your home and strip its contents down to the things you love most. The queen of decluttering is without a doubt, Marie Kondo. Here are 5 tips from the master on how to declutter your home and fill it with things that spark joy. Minimalism can also be a guiding principle in your decor purchases. Look for simple and elegant pieces in simple or bold colours with clean lines that are sure to stand the test of time. Avoid stocking up on overly patterned or trendy items that have too many bells and whistles.

We hope you successfully makeover your space with these 2021 home decor trends, tips and tricks! Hazelview Properties is running a national contest this summer until September 5th, 2021. Find out how you can get a chance to win an interior design makeover.

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