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Nov 12th, 2020

Rainy day craft projects

Into every life, a little rain must fall. Whether the rain that comes is literal or figurative, finding creative ways of spending more time at home can be crucial to creating a feeling of well being, especially in challenging times. Here are some rainy craft projects for kids and adults that we're loving right now.  

DIY Fruity Play Dough

Playing with Play Dough is a fun way to pass some indoor time. But what if your old cans of the stuff have dried out? This DIY Fruity Play Dough makes a craft project out of making the raw material for countless craft projects and sweet-smelling sculptures. All you'll need is flour, hot water, salt and some unsweetened fruit juice or food colouring. 

DIY laser maze

If you spent some of this rainy day watching movies, let your kids live out their own spy movie scene with this DIY laser maze. It is meant to creatively re-create the high-tech laser beam security systems that spies have to avoid touching while sneaking behind enemy lines. All you need is a roll of red crepe paper (also known as streamers) and a roll of masking tape. Older kids can create the maze themselves. Younger children will need your help. Try to make it hard enough that they can't simply crawl underneath the paper lasers, but not so hard that they'll get frustrated. Once they've mastered the maze, play a new game where they have to toss a ball (or plush toy etc.) through the lasers without touching any.  

Simple Sewing Drawstring Bag

This Simple Sewing Drawstring Bag is perfect for anyone that is looking to apply their newly found sewing skills to create a useful craft – as well as a feeling of accomplishment. Only basic sewing skills are required. You can use this drawstring bag to hold your sewing supplies – or anything else you can think of. 

Nesting Desk Organizer

This Nesting Desk Organizer is a great rainy day project for anyone looking to organize their work from home desk or to keep crafting supplies neat and tidy. You can craft custom made nesting boxes to suit your personal needs in an appealing way. 

We hope these DIY rainy day craft projects help bring a little sunshine to your day. 

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