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Jul 27th, 2022

Tips for a more sustainable summer


Summer is here and everything is in full bloom. When nature's beauty is on display, we're constantly reminded of how precious it is. At Hazelview, we are committed to continuing to learn, shape, and evaluate our sustainability practices and hope to inspire others to do the same. If you want to do your best for the planet this summer, here are some tips for enjoying a sustainable summer in your apartment.

Turn off the lights

Even if your apartment is full of energy-efficient light fixtures and LED bulbs, lighting still requires a fair bit of power. To save energy, turn the lights off whenever you leave a room. This is pretty easy to do in the summer when days are longer and less lighting is needed.

Take cold showers

It's hot out there, so keep your showers cold to reduce the amount of energy consumed to heat your water. Cold showers are refreshing on hot days and  are great for your health!

Make more no-cook meals

Using your stove and oven regularly requires a lot of power. Save energy by enjoying no-cook meals this summer. Besides, cool food is nice when it's hot outside!

Save food and compost

Food waste is a big issue around the world. In fact, 7% of greenhouse gases produced globally stem from preventable food waste. We all need to do our part to reduce waste because food that is disposed of in the garbage will end up in landfill where it won't decompose quickly because of a lack of oxygen and will release harmful methane gas into the atmosphere. Methane is 21 times more potent than carbon dioxide! To avoid contributing to this problem, we encourage you to compost your food scraps. Even if composting isn’t available to you through your apartment community, you can use a home compost system and use that compost to fertilise your plants! Also, be sure to save leftover food whenever possible. We recommend freezing leftovers as they'll last longer than refrigerated leftovers, making them more likely to be eaten eventually.

Shop at the farmers market

Instead of running to the supermarket for your groceries, visit your local farmers market. Local food has to travel much less than imported foods to arrive on your plate, so it's a more sustainable choice. Local produce can be more flavourful and affordable, too, as it's harvested and sold in season. It's also healthier as local food tends to retain more vitamins and minerals than imported produce.

Shop for second-hand décor and furniture

If you're planning to give your apartment a summer makeover, skip the trip to the furniture store and head to an antique shop or charity shop instead. You can find incredible used furniture and home accessories without supporting and contributing to the wasteful manufacturing materials and practices of new furniture production. If you're on a tight budget, buying used furniture can be a great way to get more for your money. If you prefer to shop online, check out Facebook Marketplace or MaxSold. If you're parting with your current furniture, try to pass it on rather than throw it out. You can give it away to a friend, donate it or sell it to a furniture or thrift store, or give it away or sell it on Facebook Marketplace.

Liven up your balcony

Add colour and life to your balcony in a sustainable way. Start by adding some planter boxes on the railing and loading them up with flowers, vegetables and/or herbs. In addition to producing oxygen and sequestering carbon dioxide, many plants are also pollinator friendly, so support your local bees by planting some. If a nice ambiance is your balcony goal, illuminate the balcony with a string of solar powered LED lights to make it more inviting at night without wasting electricity.

We hope you use these tips to enjoy a more sustainable summer in your apartment!

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