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Jul 22nd, 2021

Top 5 reasons why you should move to Halifax!


Halifax, Nova Scotia is an incredible Canadian city. If you’re looking for a change, there are countless great reasons to call it home. Here are our top 5 reasons why you should move to Halifax!

It’s affordable

Perhaps the most notable perk of moving to Halifax from another major Canadian city such as Toronto is it’s comparative affordability. Rent and real estate prices in Halifax are considerably lower than in cities like Toronto. Get more details about Halifax’s average costs of living. Find apartments for rent in Halifax.

It’s beautiful and green

Halifax is a stunning city to call home. It has a breathtaking waterfront on the Atlantic Ocean and boasts hundreds of outdoor spaces to explore. It has no shortage of beautiful parks, trails and gardens. It even has award-winning gardens!

It’s growing

Thanks in no small part to the pandemic, more Canadians are able to work from home virtually anywhere in the country. This has led to an exodus of citizens from major Canadian cities where rental and real estate prices have been skyrocketing for years. Halifax has stood out to Canadians as an absolute gem of a city in this regard and as a result its population grew an astonishing 2% last year.

It’s diverse

People from all over the world call Halifax home. Its population hit a record high of 448,544 in July 2021. That figure is up 9,015 since 2020 and 5,751 of those 9,015 people are immigrants from outside of Canada. In fact, Halifax has the 8th largest new immigrant to population ratio across all Canadian census metropolitan areas (CMAs). Diversity is a great thing in any city, and in Halifax it means you’ll experience lots of multiculturalism -- in food, art, culture, entertainment and more.

It’s known for its friendliness

This isn’t specific to Halifax per say, but rather to the entire Atlantic Canada area. Maritimers are known to be extremely friendly and welcoming Canadians. Halifax life is pretty sweet. Don’t be surprised if you make friends with all your new Halifax neighbours and enjoy conversations with passersby on the city streets -- that’s all par for the course in Halifax living!

Halifax is ready and waiting for you to call it home. If you’re ready to move to the Maritimes and discover Halifax for yourself, we can help. Find your new Halifax home in one of our affordable rental communities in the area.

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