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It All Adds Up


It All Adds Up

Math may not be everybody’s cup of tea, but for Phillip, a Senior Corporate Accountant with Hazelview, it all adds up. Hazelview’s financial department acts as something of a nucleus, in that its employees work closely with team members from all other departments, and that puts Phillip at the centre of the action. Those unfamiliar with the occupation would be forgiven for imagining accounting is all numbers, but it’s very much a people business. In fact, it’s the kind of people business in which you sometimes return from vacation to find every item on your desk wrapped in newspaper, just ask Phillip.

In his capacity as Senior Corporate Accountant Phillip has had an opportunity to forge enduring relationships with all of his teammates, including his manager. Phillip has always pursued the opportunities that excite him, and his manager has always encouraged him to do so. His manager has become something of a mentor to Phillip, even outside of the office, coaching Phillip through the exhausting extracurricular evening and weekend journey towards becoming a Chartered Professional Accountant.In his four years with Hazelview Phillip hasn’t spent much time looking back; he stays focused on the future, and the future looks bright.   

" I’m always open to new opportunities, and always willing to learn "

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