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Find Peace of Mind


Parents with young adults living off campus

Whether you’re excited for your young one’s next adventure or worried sick to watch them leave the nest, you need peace of mind. And you can rest easy knowing that at Hazelview Properties our top priority is the safety and security of our residents.

A home away from Home

A home away from Home

It can be challenging to find the perfect home away from home for your student. Creating a community environment for our residents is our number one priority. We make the necessary changes to make sure your student is comfortable and happy in their community.

A great start for success

A great start for success

We know how important it is to you and your student that their learning environment is safe. We work with all residents to ensure that they respect their neighbours and a maintain a peaceful environment. Many of our communities are located close to campus, reducing commutes and leaving more time for studies.

A place for peace of mind

A place for peace of mind

We know you have many things to worry about when your student is moving away from home, but their living situation shouldn't be one of them. With on-site professional management and maintenance, we're always available to address your student's needs.

Parent FAQ

  • What are my responsibilities and liabilities as a guarantor or co-signer?
    • Should the original applicant default or miss a payment on the lease, the guarantor typically assumes complete financial responsibility, often for the entire lease term account. In the case of a missed payment, this means making that payment and all further payments until the original applicant can do so. In the event of the original applicant defaulting on the lease completely, the guarantor assumes all liability for paying off the loan. As a guarantor, it's important to emphasize to the original applicant to keep you apprised of any late payments or inability to pay the rent to make payments on the loan. This way, as the guarantor, you are prepared to take over and prevent any late fees or poor credit marks as a result. And as a guarantor you will also be responsible for paying for any damage to the property beyond reasonable wear and tear if the original applicant does not pay. Every lease is different. Read the fine print carefully and address questions directly to our team members for clarification.

  • What are some tips parents can give students who are considering entering a lease?
    • Review the lease carefully before signing it.

    • Find responsible roommates.

    • Keep up with basic home maintenance.

    • Be a good neighbor and live happily.

    • What money management tips should parents share with their college students?

    • Evaluate needs vs. wants.

    • Chose debit over credit.

    • Understand all possible fees.

    • Check your bank statements regularly.

    • Beware of identity theft.

    • Begin saving today.

    • Start an emergency fund.

  • Should students moving into off-campus housing get tenant's insurance?
    • Getting tenant's insurance is always a good idea and is reasonably inexpensive. The unexpected can always happen. Our communities require tenant's insurance. Tenant's insurance generally covers loss of belongings in case of fire, flood or theft but not the rental unit itself. Contact your current home owner's insurance or tenant's insurance provider as you may already have the option to include this in your policy. 

  • What are some items that parents can put in care packages to send to their children at school?
    • Food—Students appreciate anything, but will especially appreciate home baked goods, snack items or personal favorites such as a favorite type of candy bar or favorite tea or cocoa mix.

    • Personal items such as toothpaste, deodorant, lotions, etc. (Yes, students could buy these things, but it is convenient not to have to go out to get them—or to spend the money for them.)

    • Things to decorate their living space—especially holiday decorations.

  • What calendar dates do parents and students need to be aware of?
    • Financial Aid Priority Deadline

    • Enrollment Deposit

    • Orientation

    • Course Registration

    • Tuition Deadline

    • Lease Renewal / Expiration Dates

  • What are some safety tips that parents can share with students while they are living off-campus?
    • Protect your personal information. Do not share PIN numbers, social security numbers, passwords or other relevant information or leave such available for anyone to see.

    • Study the campus and neighborhood with respect to routes between your residence and class/activities schedule.

    • Share your class/activities schedule with parents and a network of close friends, effectively creating a type of "buddy" system.

    • Always travel in groups and never walk alone at night. Avoid "shortcuts."

    • Always carry your ID with you.

    • Never get in a car with someone under the influence and do not operate a vehicle yourself in you are under the influence.

    • Do not tamper with safety and security systems (blue lights, emergency telephones, fire alarm systems and fire extinguishers). False alarms reduce effectiveness when there is a real emergency. Report any incident of tampering with fire and safety equipment.

    • Know where emergency exits are located and always pay attention to fire alarms.

    • Check your University email and website for important communication and emergency messages.

  • Should parents be concerned about safety at off-campus housing?

    • Yes, safety is always an important issue when choosing a new apartment home. Before renting an apartment, students should:

    • Make sure the apartment is well lit and check to see where they can park. Is the lighting adequate? Is the parking area open and visible?

    • Get to know their neighbours.

    • Check for working smoke detectors.

    • Be aware of their surroundings and keep emergency phone numbers handy always.