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Jan 11th, 2022

A productive morning routine for a new semester


Get in gear this semester with a productive morning routine. You’ll love these tips: from the best ways to study at home before class/exams when you have roommates, to lifestyle habits like meditation (and how to carve out a meditation area in a small apartment) that improve productivity and focus; they can be applied with ease.

30-minute power study session

Start the day on an enlightened note with a quick but productive 30-minute power study session. This may require you to get up a bit earlier, but your grades will thank you. If you live with roommates, it can be a challenge to study at home efficiently as it can be noisy and common space tends to be occupied. Carve out a small space for a desk or side table in your room, put on some noise-canceling headphones, and crack the books. Set a timer for 30 minutes and focus on anything that’s confused you in class recently or something that you have yet to tackle. This is a great thing to do before a test or exam as well.

Meditate a little

Meditation is a powerful habit for anyone to undertake. It is clinically proven to improve focused attention which is excellent for productivity. A lot of people either don’t understand meditation or assume it takes hours of time to do. This is not true whatsoever. It can be a simple and quick addition to your morning routine. Why not try a 5-minute meditation? There are many guided meditations available online for free. For example, get the Meditation Studio app for your smartphone for tons of free guided meditation exercises of various lengths. If you use headphones, you can even meditate on your commute in the morning. If you’re going to meditate at home, it’s best to carve out some dedicated space to do it in. It should be uncluttered and quiet to help you get focused without distraction. All you need is a spot on the floor.

Eat a balanced meal

You may be tempted to knock back a cup of coffee and call it a day, but a balanced morning meal will go a long way. It will help you feel energized, focused and avoid hangers which can lead to frustration and even confusion. Hanger may set in fast during your morning if you try to be productive on an empty stomach. When we say balanced we mean a meal that has a good mix of energy-promoting carbohydrates, healthy and satiating fats, and protein. Check out these tips for how to build a balanced breakfast from Registered Dietitian Hannah Magee.

We hope these tips for a productive morning routine set you up for success this semester!

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